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 Ceramic Master Square  Granite Master Square
 Ceramic Parallel  Granite Master Angle
 Ceramic Straight Edge  Granite Angle Plate
 Ceramic Surface Plate  Granite Parallel
 Granite Straight Edge
Specify Ceramic Artifact Size
Specify Granite Artifact Size


 Electronic Gage Kit  3-Channel Spindle Error Analyzer
 Electronic Level Kit  5-Channel Spindle Error Analyzer
 Laser System Kit Telescoping Ball Bar
 Triton Rotary Axis Analyzer ("R-Gage")  Rotary Calibrator
 Trinity Rotary Axis Analyzer (wireless)

Instrument Accessories

 Adjustable Rail Alignment Fixture  Spindle Alignment Fixture
 Laser Diagonal Measurement Kit  Universal Mounting Kit
 Machine Compliance Test Kit  Vertical Roll Test Mounting Kit

Measurement & Analysis Software

 Locus® eM Measurement  LaserXL Measurement
 QuickViewXL Laser  

Product Bundles

 Basic Locus Metrology System  Intermediate Locus Metrology System
 Complete Locus Metrology System


Engineering Services

 Manufacturing Process Diagnostics  Process-Centric Machine Tool Specifications

Machine Tool Alignment Services

 IQL CalibrationPlus  IQL SuperTune


Machine Tool Metrology Training

 5-Axis Machine Accuracy  Machine Tool Metrology 101
 Laser Measurement  Ball Bar Measurement
 Level Alignment  Locus® eM Software

Manufacturing Process Diagnostics Training

 Adv Machining Process Diagnostics  

Custom Training


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