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IQL SuperTune Machine Tool Optimization for Select Haas Models

Haas VF2 Volumetric Performance
Volumetric Performance 0.020mm

IQL SuperTune enhances Volumetric Positioning Performance for basic Haas Vertical Machining Center and Horizontal Machining Center models. IQL SuperTune is a multi-point process that more than doubles the volumetric accuracy of general purpose machine tools, approaching positioning performance of high precision European and Japanese machine tools at a fraction of the cost. When high accuracy is required to meet tight tolerance applications, IQL SuperTune is the answer.

One Big Sweet Spot “over the entire work zone”. Consistent performance throughout the entire work zone provides for greater setup flexibility as well as improved capability to machine part features which are in separate quadrants of the work zone or multiple parts throughout the work zone as on tombstone fixtures. No longer do you need to limit where you machine to a small area, you can use the entire travels. Using multiple SuperTuned machines also allows jobs to be moved from machine to machine with confidence, no more waiting for the “better” machine to be available.

"It's the best f***ing machine in our shop!" - Machine Shop Owner, specializing in CNC machining, prototyping, CAD design, tool and patternmaking

IQL SuperTune is an on-site process that combines low impact anchoring and precision alignment/adjustment resulting in high machine stability and optimum positioning performance. New and existing machines can be SuperTuned. IQL SuperTuning can be executed in a few days minimizing production impact.

It’s a fact that higher accuracy simplifies most machining applications. From simplifying set-up and first part verification, reducing issues related to tight tolerance features, eliminating scrap and the need for secondary operations related to machine positioning limitations the advantage of higher accuracy is clear.

Sample Tolerance Before and After SuperTune


  • Sound, fully-functional Machine Tool
  • Site which meets or exceeds manufacturer requirements
  • Stable Thermal Environment (one without significant thermal shocks)

IQL Advantage:

  • Evaluate both manufacturing objectives (part features & tolerances) as well as machine tool performance to determine the machine’s capability to meet manufacturing requirements.
  • Understanding the application insures focus on only those machine attributes which provide direct value.
  • A targeted investment of effort.

All measurements are performed with state of the art instrumentation (Mahr Federal high-precision Electronic Levels and Gage, Renishaw Laser and Ball Bar, Lion Precision Spindle Error Analyzer) traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

A fully documented Summary Report is provided.

SuperTune services are in full compliance with ASME B5 and ISO 230 Machine Performance Standards based upon the original manufacturer specifications.

Contact IQL for a “no risk” application assessment.