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Manufacturing Process Diagnostics

Objective Focused Evaluation

The ability to confidently achieve feature tolerances depends on multiple factors. IQL uses Locus Methods, a deterministic approach which considers all the potential root causes to identify the key focus areas for manufacturing process correction and improvement.

With these methods, IQL can quickly diagnose a wide range of manufacturing issues. The benefit is fast identification of process elements representing the greatest potential for improvement. Effort can then be focused on those areas which provide the greatest return.

Process Diagnostic Steps using Locus Methods:

  • Identify Critical To Manufacture Part Tolerance Requirements (CTMs)
  • Review Manufacturing Process
  • Develop Error Budget
  • Model Machine Tool Capability
  • Define Critical Performance Parameters (CPPs)
  • Evaluate Current Machine Performance focusing on CPPs
  • Gap Analysis
  • Identify Root Cause for Deficient CPPs
  • Map Improvement Strategy

Manufacturing Process Diagnostics can be tailored to specific needs. Typical engagements are relatively short and many can be executed in a single day.

IQL Advantage:

  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Short engagements
  • Extensive application knowledge