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Have you had your machine calibrated only to find that you still have issues achieving tolerances? Don’t settle for “shoot & comp” services, which often fall short in addressing actual manufacturing problems.

Whenever machine tool performance is critical to productivity, IQL is the preferred resource.

Today’s machine tools are increasingly complex; with multiple axes, different structural designs, way systems, position feedback technologies, rotary axes, multiple spindles, different controls, etc. Each variation has unique behaviors and all have different effects on machine precision. The value of laser calibration without diagnosing root cause problems is very limited.

Machine Tool Calibration, Evaluation, Alignment or Adjustment

IQL CalibrationPlus is a comprehensive diagnostic service developed upon field experience with hundreds of machine tools. Using IQL’s “Locus Methods” you will take advantage of an experienced independent resource which quickly and cost effectively identifies true “root cause” problems. Our unique approach first takes into consideration your manufacturing needs and then applies the extensive IQL knowledge base of machine designs and behavior to identify those machine elements having the greatest impact. Focusing on only those areas that address your manufacturing needs allows you to confidently optimize the precision of your machines and invest in only those services that truly add value.

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On-site Services:

IQL Calibration Certificate
  • Linear or Rotary Positioning, Repeatability and Backlash
  • Angular Errors: Pitch, Yaw and Roll
  • Compensation and Adjustment
  • Ball Bar Analysis: Squareness, Circularity, Servo Mismatch, etc.
  • 3D Volumetric Performance
  • Spindle Error Analyzer: Radial, Axial, Drift Errors
  • Structural Compliance Testing
  • Machine Alignment
  • Rotary Axis Alignment
  • Machine Tool Optimization (see SuperTune)

IQL Advantage:

  • Flexible scheduling to suit production requirements
  • Services for new installations, existing machines or before and after rebuild/retrofit

All measurements are performed with state of the art instrumentation (Mahr Federal high-precision Electronic Levels and Gage, Renishaw Laser and Ball Bar, Lion Precision Spindle Error Analyzer) traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

A fully documented Summary Report including Calibration Certificate is provided.

CalibrationPlus services are in full compliance with ASME B5 and ISO 230 Machine Performance Standards based upon the original manufacturer specifications.

IQL CalibrationPlus … Fast diagnostics tailored to your manufacturing needs!