Instrument Accessories

Vertical Roll Test Mounting Kit

P/N IQL-1000-021


  • 1  .624 x 4.35" Mounting Post
  • 1  Universal Mounting Cube
  • 1  LVDT Mounting Plate Assembly
  • 2  Cartridge Type LVDT Gages w/ Extension Cables
  • +  Adapting/Mounting Hardware
  • 1  Travel Case


  • Easy setup
  • Improves data accuracy, reliability, repeatability

The Vertical Roll Test Mounting Kit is designed for use in conjunction with the 832 Electronic Amplifier, Locus® eM Measurement & Alignment Software, and mechanical artifacts such as a Master Square or Straightedge.

Tests such as roll, pitch, and yaw via the differential straightness method, as well as straightness, squareness, and parallelism are easy to set up and execute with the Vertical Roll Test Mounting Kit. A scale factor applied to the acquired differential straightness data converts it to angular error in arc seconds. With Locus eM, these tests can be run in step-by-step or on- the-fly modes, significantly improving data accuracy, reliability, and repeatability by reducing operator influence.

Note: This kit requires the Mahr Federal 832 Electronic Amplifier and Locus eM Software, which must be purchased separately.

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