Triton Rotary Axis Analyzer System ("R-Gage")

5-Axis Machine Tool Rotary Axis Checking System with Wired Probe

P/N IQL-1000-151


  • 1  Triton Wired Probe with USB Interface Unit
  • 1  R-Test Software
  • 1  22mm (0.87in.) Master Ball on 75mm (2.95in.) Stem
  • 1  22mm (0.87in.) Master Ball on 150mm (5.91in.) Stem
  • 1  22mm (0.87in.) Tool Setter Master Ball
  • 1  Alignment Disk for Probe Alignment
  • 1  Swivel Head Alignment Tool
  • 1  Travel Case


  • Go/No-Go assessment of 5-axis machining capability for high value parts
  • Measurement of rotary axis radial and axial errors
  • Measurement and compensation of rotary axis center distances
  • Static and dynamic positioning measurements
  • ISO 10791-6 Standard acceptance testing
  • Easy to use

The R-Gage is a device used to gather positioning information for CNC machine tools with Linear and Rotary Axes. It uses a 3-axis probe and precision ball to determine positioning location and relationship errors between moving axes. The system is typically applied to 4 or 5-Axis Vertical or Horizontal Machining Centers and can be used on Mill/Turn and multi-tasking machines as well. Where there is simultaneous linear and rotary motion, the true positioning accuracy of the tool relative to the workpiece becomes harder to determine. The R-Gage determines this true position error by measuring the deviation from a commanded path.

While the device can give position and orientation information, it can also be used as a Go/No-Go device. The software easily allows a user to establish a baseline condition. The Rotary Axis Analyzer System can then be applied periodically, either at the start of each shift, once per week, once per month, or however often the user decides is necessary. This periodic application will show whether the machine has remained within an acceptable performance range or whether corrective action needs to be taken prior to executing the manufacturing process.

Join us for the 5-Axis Machine Accuracy Training, with demonstration of the R-Gage.

Note: Use Part Number IQL-1000-163 for the Trinity Rotary Axis Analyzer System (with wireless probe).

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