Instrument Accessories

Adjustable Rail Alignment Fixture

P/N IQL-1000-113


  • 3   Extruded Aluminum Structural Rails (30''/775mm, 48"/1219mm, 72"/1829mm)
  • 3   Slide Blocks with Ratcheting L-Handles
  • 3   Precision Foot Pads for Slide Blocks
  • +  Mounting Hardware
  • 1  User Manual & Assembly Instructions
  • 1  Travel Case


  • Easy assembly
  • Portable

Used for the alignment of multiple way surfaces, the Adjustable Rail Alignment Fixture, along with the Electronic Level and Gage Kit, has become the preferred approach for many alignment applications.

Three configurations (I, L, and T-shaped) make this fixture an extremely versatile alignment tool, adaptable to a wide range of machine configurations.  The L and T configurations simplify alignment of machine axes with multiple way surfaces, reducing the time required for alignment tasks by up to 50%.  Linear configurations are recommended for high precision earth leveling of surface plates and alignment of single way surfaces.

The Adjustable Rail Alignment Fixture is highly recommended when repositioning, installing, or calibrating machine tools and surface plates. See how to use this fixture in testing Relative Parallelism [wmv].

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