Instrument Accessories

Universal Mounting Kit

P/N IQL-1000-072


  • 2  Magnetic Bases (176 Lbf)
  • 1  0.624 x 4.35" Mounting Post
  • 1  0.75 x 3" Mounting Post
  • 1  0.75 x 12" Mounting Post
  • 2  Universal Mounting Cubes
  • 1  Spindle Anti-Rotation Plate
  • 1  Lathe Adapter Mounting Plate
  • 1  Ball Bar Socket Adapter
  • 1  LVDT Mounting Plate Assembly
  • +  Additional Adapting/Mounting Hardware
  • 1  Travel Case


  • Rapid adaptation
  • Prevents spindle rotation

The Universal Mounting Kit quickly adapts both Renishaw and Hewlett Packard laser optics and accessories to various setup requirements. It also prevents spindle rotation on machines without spindle lock by mechanically holding the spindle and keeping it from rotating during system calibration. The Anti-Rotation Plate is clamped to a 0.75" Post using a three-point bearing. A Magnetic Base, connected to the Plate prevents the spindle from turning by applying a moment force about the spindle. An Adapter enables mounting of either the Hewlett Packard-compatible 0.75" diameter Post or the Renishaw-compatible 0.624" diameter Post.

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