Instrument Accessories

Machine Compliance Test Kit

P/N IQL-1000-065


  • 1  Digital Remote Force Gauge
  • 1  2000 pound Push/Pull Load Cell
  • +  Mounting Hardware


  • Accurate
  • Fast results

The Load Cell is used to apply a calibrated force to the spindle while sensing actual spindle deflection with the Renishaw ML10, XL-80, HP 5528 or 5529 Laser Systems or other compatible linear displacement sensing devices.

When used in conjunction with Locus® eM Measurement & Alignment Software, machine compliance can be accurately measured and documented. Locus eM is used to record the difference between the spindle commanded position and the actual position and then to plot the difference against the force applied.

Note: Linear displacement devices such as Renishaw or Hewlett Packard Laser, Mahr Federal 832 Electronic Amplifier with Electronic LVDT Gage or Renishaw Telescoping Ball Bar, in addition to Locus eM software, must be purchased separately.

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