Electronic Level and Gage Kit

P/N IQL-1000-111


  • 2  Electronic Level Heads
  • 2  Level Head Adjustable Bases
  • 1  Cartridge Type LVDT Gage (Inductive Probe)
  • 1  832 F Electronic Amplifier
  • 1  Remote Switch
  • 1  25' Extension Cable
  • +  Hardware Kit for Typical Machine Spindle & Table Mounting
  • 1  Travel Case


  • Easy setup
  • Fast response
  • Fine resolution
  • Excellent repeatability

The Electronic Level and Gage Kit easily checks machine geometry deformation due to changes in temperature stratification. With repeatability at ±0.1 arc second, Electronic Levels are ideal for ultra-high resolution profiling.

When used in conjunction with Locus® eM Measurement and Alignment Software (sold separately), the Electronic Level and Gage Kit measures Surface Plate Flatness by the Moody or Grid methods. It can also check way alignment using Surface Profile, Profile Parallelism, or Surface Parallelism tests. Machine Tool Angular Error analysis of roll, pitch and yaw is graphically displayed as an angle in arc seconds or tool point offset in inches or millimeters.

Note: Electronic Levels and Amplifier (P/N IQL-2000-030) may also be purchased separately.

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