Measurement & Analysis Software

LaserXL™ Software

P/N IQL-3100-067


LaserXL™ software includes modules for linear, angular, rotary axis, flatness, straightness and squareness measurements as well as a dynamic measurement capability.

As well as the comprehensive reporting in the Renishaw analysis option, other report options conform to international machine performance checking standards, such as ISO, ASME, VDI, JIS and GB.

The dynamic measurement facility allows the collection of data at rates of 10 Hz to 50 kHz (at 12 preset values) for subsequent review (for live dynamic data review see QuickViewXL™). There’s even an integrated FFT package for frequency analysis.

With optional linear error compensation packages, the data obtained from a LaserXL™ calibration can be used to create compensation values for use in a CNC machine’s controller.

This can significantly improve a machine’s positioning accuracy. Compensation packages are available to interface with many of today’s machine controllers.

PC Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows® XP Pro
  • Processor: System 1 GHz Pentium, 256 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 20 GB
  • Drives/Ports: CD-ROM for software installation
  • Screen: 1020 x 768 pixels minimum resolution

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