XL-80 Laser Linear and Angular System Kit

P/N IQL-1000-146


  • 1  XL-80 Laser Head Kit
  • 1  XC-80 Environmental Compensator Kit with Sensors
  • 1  LaserXL™ Software
  • 1  XL Tripod Stage Kit
  • 1  Linear Optics Kit (Short Range - 40m)
  • 1  Angular Optics Kit
  • 1  Optics Mounting Kit
  • 2  Magnetic Bases
  • 1  Magnetic Base Adapter
  • 1  Universal Tripod
  • 1  Universal Tripod Case
  • 1  Base System Case


  • Reliable & portable
  • Reduced warm-up time
  • Higher measurement speeds
  • Improved system accuracy

The small dimensions of the laser head and stage allow them to be easily mounted on a standard magnetic base for those applications where tripod mounting is not convenient. With the same beam height and optics dimensions as the previous (ML10) system, the XL-80 laser measurement system can also still be placed directly on a granite table (without tripod stage) for CMM calibration.

Typical laser warm-up time is about 5 minutes, which is quicker than comparable systems and allows the user to minimize waiting time and increase the available measurement time. Standard features now include a signal gain switch that gives the option of 80 m linear range or increased signal strength at shorter ranges. A multi-signal connector facility gives a standard trigger signal-in (for data capture), an analogue voltage-out facility and an optional quadrature signal output, to give far greater flexibility. Connection to a PC is via USB so no separate interface is required, helping both reliability and portability.

Maximum linear measurement speed is increased from 1 m/s to 4 m/s, while still retaining a position reading resolution of 1 nm. With readings being taken at 50 kHz, very detailed data about small high frequency movements can be captured. Laser XL™ software provides step by step measurement to meet most machine tool verification standards.

System accuracy is improved over the ML10 laser to ±0.5 ppm, valid for the whole environmental operating range of temperature, pressure and humidity variations. Environmental readings are taken using the XC-80 Intelligent Sensor System which updates the laser reading compensation every 7 seconds via USB. All measurements are based on the wavelength of a stabilized HeNe laser source, giving users assured traceability back to internationally recognized length standards.

The XL-80 system is compatible with existing ML10 system optics.

Note: Long Range Linear Optics are also available.

Note: Use Part Number IQL-1000-129 for the XL-80 Laser Linear System Kit (without Angular Optics).

Note: The XL-80 replaces the ML10X Laser Measurement System.

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