IQL Measurement Products

IQL offers a variety of machine tool measurement products, including: master squares, electronic levels, lasers, spindle analyzers, rotary calibrators, 5-axis measuring systems, ball bars, custom mounting kits, and measurement and analysis software that can be purchased separately or in standard bundles.


Master Square

Artifact for measurement of machine Squareness, Straightness, Parallelism, and Spindle Alignment. Available in Ceramic or Granite.


Electronic Gage Kit

Measurement of small displacement from mechanical artifacts for Straightness, Squareness, and Thermal Variation Error (TVE) evaluations.

Electronic Level and Gage Kit

Measurement of differential angles between machine components.

XL-80 Laser Linear and Angular System Kit

Calibration of Positional Accuracy and Repeatability, Differential Angles, Straightness, and Squareness.

Triton Rotary Axis Analyzer System

5-Axis Machine Tool Rotary Axis Checking System with Wired Probe. Formerly described as “R-Test 5-Axis Measuring System”.

Trinity Rotary Axis Analyzer System

5-Axis Machine Tool Rotary Axis Checking System with Wireless Probe.

XR20-W Rotary Axis Calibration

Evaluation of Angular Positioning Errors on rotary and trunion tilt axes using laser angular optics and/or electronic levels.

Spindle Error Analyzer

Measurement and analysis of real time geometry of machine tool spindles using capacitance gages. Available in a 3-Channel Kit, for Machining Centers, or 5-Channel Kit, for Turning Centers.

QC20-W Telescoping Ball Bar System

Establishing baseline traceability, allowing fast and easy performance checks, and assisting maintenance diagnostics.

Instrument Accessories

Adjustable Rail Alignment Fixture

Adapts Electronic Levels for measurement of differential angles between machine rails and precision leveling of machine base plates.

Laser Diagonal Measurement Kit

Evaluation of the Volumetric Performance of machine tools and CMMs using laser displacement accuracy along the four body diagonals.

Machine Compliance Test Kit

Accurate measurement of machine compliance and hysteresis.

Spindle Alignment Fixture

Alignment of horizontal lathe and vertical lathe spindles using the straightedge reversal method.

Universal Mounting Kit

Adaptation of Renishaw and Hewlett Packard laser optics and accessories to various setup requirements.

Vertical Roll Test Mounting Kit

Execution of roll, pitch, and yaw tests using the Differential Straightness method.

Measurement and Analysis Software

Locus® eM Measurement and Alignment

Comprehensive machine tool measurement software. Includes a wide range of measurement tests, 3D color graphic outputs, easy to navigate data storage, and step-by-step task Sequences. Locus eM is the best software solution for managing machine tool measurement. Compatible with Electronic Level and Gage Kit, ML10 Laser System, and HP Laser System.

LaserXL Measurement

Includes modules for linear, angular, rotary axis, flatness, straightness and squareness measurements as well as a dynamic measurement capability. Compatible with the XL-80 Laser System.

QuickViewXL Laser

Intuitive and easy-to-use software package that gives a real time, graphical view of the Renishaw XL-80 Laser measurement data sampled at 50 kHz, thus eliminating the need to capture, save and then analyze. The simple graphical interface allows very flexible operation, avoiding the need for predefined measurement targets and sequences - just point and measure.

Product Bundles

Locus® Metrology Systems

Hardware and software bundled into three standard packages (Basic, Intermediate, and Complete) to meet your company's metrology needs.