QC20-W Wireless Telescoping Ball Bar System

P/N IQL-1000-140


  • 1  Wireless Ball Bar with CR2 Battery & USB BT Adapter
  • 1  Center Pivot
  • 1  Tool Cup
  • +  50/150/300 mm Extension Bars
  • 1  Zerodur Ball Bar Calibrator
  • 1  Ball Bar 20 Software
  • 1  Offset Setting Ball
  • 10  Machine Validation Cards
  • 1  QC20W Carrying Case


  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Accurate
  • Fast data reading
  • Greater test flexibility
  • Rugged & portable

The QC20-W Ball Bar System is used to detect Servo Mismatch, Stick-slip, Reversal Spikes, Cyclic Error, Scale, Straightness, Lateral Play, Backlash, and Squareness.

With the new QC20-W Ball Bar system, telescoping ball bar testing has become even simpler and more powerful. It draws on Renishaw's many years of experience with ballbar testing and offers significant performance and operational benefits compared to the outgoing QC10 system:

  • Bluetooth wireless technology ensures no wire handling issues, closed door operation and reduced possibility for system damage.
  • New hardware and software which allows a partial arc (220°) test. The QC20-W System gives you greater test flexibility including improved Z axis testing (no custom fixturing required), tests where axis travel is limited (typically Z axis on machining centers and X axis on lathes), and the ability to test 3 planes from a single set up, using partial arc tests for 2 of the tests and present a volumetric analysis.
  • Faster data reading for enhanced analysis on small test circle and high feed rates.
  • Enhanced software also includes many new features for extended testing and greater ease of use.

Note: A QC20W Wireless Ball Bar Upgrade Kit (P/N IQL-1000-139) is also available for those who currently have the QC10 Ball Bar.

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