Locus® Methods

Error Budget Approach

Locus Methods is IQL's approach for analyzing and improving positioning behavior of automated machine tools related to manufacturing operations. Based on the “Error Budget” concept developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to produce high precision optical components, Locus Methods incorporates multiple factors impacting the ability to position accurately including:

  • Manufacturing Process Elements: CAD, CAM, Work Holding, Tooling, Coolants, etc.
  • Machine Structure: Kinematic Design, Way Systems, Drive Systems, Position Feedback, etc.
  • Thermal Effects: Ambient and Internal Sources
  • Measurement: Method and Accuracy

Locus Methods

Locus Methods starts with understanding your unique manufacturing objectives for features and tolerances.

  • Identify the Critical To Manufacture Features (CTMs) for each application based upon a specific part or group of parts.
  • Apply knowledge base of hundreds of machines and manufacturing operations to identify the Critical Performance Parameters (CPPs) which have the greatest impact on productivity.

The goal of Locus Methods is to eliminate manufacturing process waste by aligning machine capability and desired part tolerances.

Locus Methods is a structured, easy to understand process; when expert analysis of manufacturing issues is required.