The IQL Advantage

Why Choose IQL?

Practical Solutions

IQL is the preferred resource for resolving manufacturing issues relating to machine tool positioning.

  • Diagnosing problems with tight tolerances
  • Resolving machine accuracy issues
  • Baselining machine capability
  • Optimizing machine performance
  • Defining purchase specifications

IQL has the experience and knowledge you can rely on.


As an independent engineering products and services company, we provide our customers with the most cost-effective and responsive solutions. Over time, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge base of documented machine performance and specific design behavior which is the foundation for all service activities. Understanding each unique situation and manufacturing objective ensures we focus on only those areas which truly add value.

  • 31 years of field experience
  • Data library of 400+ machine tool evaluations
  • Experience with 100’s of machine types: Milling, Turning, Grinding, Welding, Lay-up, Broach, Router, Laser
  • Contributor to ASME & ISO industry standards

Often the only value of typical calibration and laser compensation services is calibration documentation, having little or no impact on actual manufacturing issues. IQL is committed to improving both your machine performance and productivity.